Curt’s interest in playing piano surged during his early teenage years.  The first song he ever played was “Satin Doll” by the late great Duke Ellington. But it wasn’t until he heard legendary pianists Bill Evans and Keith Jarett that Curt fell in love with jazz piano, and eventually began taking formal piano lessons with well-known pianist Paul Smith - best known as an accompanist to Ella Fitzgerald.

Curt Hespe delivers a timeless repertoire of music rooted in straight ahead jazz, traditional and modern, the classic standards and new interpretations of the Great American Songbook.  While exploring new harmonics on the piano, Mr. Hespe plays with a rich and elegant style that display a variety of musical texture.  The trio--a cohesive ensemble bringing the best instrumental and vocal arrangements of this great musical heritage to all those who love great jazz.

"It is a privilege to stand on the shoulders of the greats of jazz. We need to honor their legacy. It’s the raw material that makes it pure". - Curt Hespe.

Orange County, CA, USA

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